How much is your air conditioning costing you to run?

Ecosense will monitor a room for movement to see if it is being used, if it's not then Ecosense will switch off your air conditioning, with the dual benefits of both saving you money and helping the environment.

EcosenseSpain.comEcosense has many applications and now successfully controls the abuse of air conditioning within the holiday rental industry, offices, schools, surgeries and retail units.

Ecosense uses Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology to scan the room for occupancy.

PIR will only detect body heat and will not therefore be affected by items such as ceiling fans, curtains etc. When no movement is detected it will send a signal to the air conditioning (A/C) unit to switch it off.

Ecosense also has a comfort night sensor, enabling the A/C to be used, if required, throughout hours of darkness. Ecosense is compatible with most A/C units.

Global Warming, spiralling energy costs, or just the unnecessary strain on equipment, are all valid reasons for ensuring that your A/C facilities are properly controlled. As our company motto states, "There's no need to cool air if there's nobody there".

Ecosense 4000+Ecosense 4000+ contains 2.4G RF communication with a number of wireless optional accessories, such as door/window (D/W) sensors, auxiliary PIR detectors and Intelligent Eye (IE).

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